Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Digital Marketing Audio - Podcasting for Authors

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="120" caption="Podcamp AZ -- Four years strong!"]Podcamp AZ [/caption]Last weekend, I had the honor of speaking at PodCamp AZ 2010 to a small group of authors interested in using podcasting as part of their marketing efforts. And by small I mean two-authors-and-three-interested-friends-some-of-whom-might-become-authors-some-day-but-probably-not. Not that I'm terribly surprised -- PodCamp AZ probably isn't high on the radar for local authors, and the connection between podcasting and authorship is anything but apparent, though I've been working in that space for over five years.

My friend Dani Cutler was kind enough to record audio of my talk. She's the host of a political podcast called the Truth Seekers and was one of the aforementioned friends in attendance. She was also kind enough to do all the editing and cleaning up of the audio as appropriate. She tells me it's difficult to hear the audience interaction, which I obviously did due to the intimacy of the crowd. So your mileage may vary.

If you're interested in the topic, Podcasting for Authors, jump back in time through the magic of the interwebs. It's about a 50 minute file, so find a nice long drive where you need something to listen to.

Note: I'm violating one of my cardinal rules: always listen completely to the audio file before releasing to the public. No, I didn't. Mostly because I simply don't have the time this week. And Dani knows how to clean up audio. She's a seasoned vet and I likely wouldn't be able to do any better. And it's live audio, so deal.

Note #2: I've been doing lots more of this digital marketing for authors stuff as of late. And I rather enjoy it. Niche, anyone?


  1. What types of writing do you do? Have your books been published as hard copy or e-books? I would love to learn more about the pro's and con's of how to decide which output vehicle to use for publishing. Are there legal issues, such as copyright issues?

  2. [...] And this isn’t a podcast episode. It’s an audio file. If you want it, follow the links. Authors interested in using digital marketing to grow their fan base may find it of value. The rest of you… not so [...]

  3. Linda,

    Three books in the "for Dummies" series by Wiley's have my name on the spine. But these days I spend my time as a digital business strategist. I'm likely not your source for publishing advice, but I'm happy to chime in should you have questions about how to grow an audience or expand your digital presence.

  4. Great post and podcast. Thanks ever so much from this budding author. Will have to find out about the podcast training event, I am originally from AZ.
    Frank Miller MD, western North Carolina

  5. Frank - Thanks for the compliments. I have man associates in you area who would be happy to provide some podcast training services. Or you could come back here!


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