Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Google Search Plus Your World Means to Authors

If you missed the news, Google changed the world of search yesterday, and Twitter went into panic mode. Facebook has been silent, probably because of their rumored upcoming IPO. But you can bet they aren't happy. In short, the change casts a major shadow of doubt on the continued relevance of either platform now that Google+ is getting serious.

So while others call Google+ another failed Google experiment, lacks the breadth of either "competing network" or otherwise try and cling to what they think social media is all about; I suggest another tactic for the digital author.

Get your ass on to Google+. Now.

No, I'm not suggesting you abandon Twitter or Facebook. I still use both services. Granted, I use them a lot less, but I still use them. You will, too. Hopefully, you'll use G+ differently.

But first, you have to use it. So if you've been reluctant to join the past, that time is over. Get there. Now. Learn the differences. Start establishing your presence. And for the love of all you hold dear, don't try and emulate Twitter and Facebook on Google+. It's something different. Treat it as such, OK?

If you don't know how to start, I wrote up a simple piece for ePublish Unum last week. Go there. Now.

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  1. It sure would make things easier if Google had a decent iPad app for G+! Really, the short-sightedness and infighting among all these big social companies kind of reminds me of another space...oh yeah, publishing!


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